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Veranstaltungen am  21. November 2024
Bad Ideas | Client | Question the Mark





First time i bought a record of bandcamp ever. their current album "murder of gods" contains 11 songs that bridge the gap between indie & punk perfectly.

"‘Murder Of God’s’ is a great album of acoustic- driven pop punk with a strong undertow of emotional yearning and some drive-time guitar hooks straight out of the Wollard-Ragan canon."

"'I once said that music doesn’t have to be loud, to be intense and I still maintain that, but I’d also like to add the phrase: ‘music doesn’t have to be loud to be punk’. Bad Ideas, which revolves round singer / songwriter Sam Cook, are as punk as they come, but not in an anarchistic, almost obnoxious way, as punk originally set out to be. It’s laced with indie rock and firmly cemented in a folksy foundation and what you get are eleven heartfelt songs, which are, in true punk fashion, sincere, but strangely laid back. I also love the fact it’s a full band playing these songs, as a purely acoustic performance often lacks the punch that a full band provides. Quite a surprise from this British artist.' "




"Question the Mark are a UK gruff punk band based in Cardiff, South Wales. Make of us what you will, we're just here to drink beer and party."




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21.11.2012 Bad Ideas | Client | Question the Mark

16.11.2012 End of Silence Part 1


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